This is just another shopping app

Not much has changed.

Except now you can shop products that disappears.
Wait what? Yes think of it like Instagram stories or snaps
but with products.

This allows you to shop different products
everyday with just a single swipe. So you can
now buy anything you want in 1 second.
Literally one second.

Even the way you can have
your products has

Now you can pick it
up for free in your
nearest store.

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Or even have it delivered
to you within 1 hour
Yup 1 Hour.

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So now you can get a lot more
of anything you want,
for a lot less time.

Oh, and customer
service is more
helpful than ever.

Unlike others we actually enjoy talking to
our customers about everything.
Literally everything.

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So yeah that's OntheSpot

Now it's up to you to decide is this
just another shopping app?

One last thing.