The future of your business is
in your hands.

We believe that brands and retailers can deliver the
best experience for their customers only when they
have powerful, innovative tools.

It's getting really hard
out there.

Unfortunately today it's getting harder than
ever for businesses to stay ahead, as huge
online companies are taking over them.
More and more stores are closing each year.
Many brands and retailers are also feeling
intimidated by these companies by
how they are heavily influencing the way
their customers are shopping.

We believe that your
business can stay ahead
with the right tools.

Our technology and services helps brands
and retailers effectively innovate, increase
sales, connect more and deliver a
groundbreaking service to their

We'll help your business innovate and stay
ahead by providing you a revolutionary
platform that allows you to merge your
physical and digital shop.

You'll also be able to take advantage of
our unique features which will enable you
to sell a lot more of your products like
never before.

Use Cases

You can use OntheSpot to: sell your excess inventory,
sell exclusive products, offer in store pick up to also
increase offline sales and also offer 1 hour deliver to
your customers with OntheSpot delivery.

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Next step

The overall result by using this platform is a business that
becomes more efficient, more connected, and much more
ready for the future of shopping.

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Currently available for clothing brands and retailers in
Milan, Italy only.