What payment methods can I use to make purchases?

OntheSpot accepts a variety of payment methods online.We offer the following methods
of payment: VISA and MasterCard.

Why was my credit card declined?

Your card may have been declined for one of the following reasons:

Is it safe to use my credit card on the website?

Yes, the information is transmitted safely with SSL encryption. Only Safe Electronic Commerce (SEC)
transactions will be accepted for payments using Visa and Mastercard. After verifying that the card is
secured under the SEC system, the system will contact the card's issuing bank so that the buyer can
authorise the purchase. When the bank confirms authenticity, the card will be charged. Otherwise, the
order will be cancelled.

Can I pay in the store when I receive the order?

The payment must be made online to finalise the order, and it is not possible to pay in the store
when you receive it. However, you have the option to try on the items in the store when you pick up your
order and return or exchange any items you are not happy with.